From background, due diligence, fraud to legal investigations, the experts of M-CAT Enterprises use ground-breaking tools (including the Deep Web, big data, structured to unstructured data analysis via textual disambiguation, digital forensics and artificial intelligence-based analytics). Given the rare breadth of our expertise and resources, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with rare information including contextual evidence.

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Fraud Management

One in three persons is exposed to fraud each year. Most people (e.g 70 to 90%) are unable to recover stolen assets on their own. From corporate and governmental fraud to consumer and healthcare fraud, M-CAT Enterprises offers unique solutions that help you detect, resolve and prevent illegal schemes starting with anti-fraud programs, financial ratio analysis and money laundering trailing assessments.

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Security 360

Moving forward, criminals such as organized crime and terrorist groups are converging their efforts. Crimes are also getting more complex. As global issues involving natural disasters, violence and the economy keep on increasing in frequency and intensity, consult with the security and privacy experts at M-CAT Enterprises to gain the protection that you, your organization and loved one deserve. The experts of M-CAT Enterprises will assist you with all of your security needs starting with IT, physical, cyber, chemical and executive protection challenges.

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Executive Management

Corporations need dashboards with customized views that offer full separation of duty and content to best manage their businesses and rapidly correct costly mistakes. Fact-based corporate evaluations and matrix-based performance assessments are first needed to help business leaders make rapid corrections and render more accurate decisions focusing on corporate growth. Schedule a professional consultation with M-CAT Enterprises experts to learn how to turnaround your current financials into repeatable profits. Based on its award-winning track record, the M-CAT team will show you the how to maximize your returns.
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Compliance (GRC)

As new regulations are continually introduced, GRC requirements are modern realities which require independent expertise from certified and licensed experts. Let the qualified professionals of M-CAT Enterprises help you resolve your governance, risk management and compliance issues so you can focus on your core business activities while we ensure your long-term growth and compliance.

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Executive Protection (EP)

As human and other valuable corporate assets can be costly and nearly impossible to replace, developing an executive protection plan is critical. Starting with irs comprehensive EP assessments, the team at M-CAT Enterprises is uniquely trained to assist you with a highly diversified variety of executive protection services. Further, as corporations need EP professionals that are competent to Work independently, the M-CAT Enterprises team is qualified to complete covert assignments and complement your current EP team upon special events. With multi-lingual and culturally diverse staff, the M-CAT Enterprise team offers a conservative EP approach which focuses on extensive preparation and detailed advance work.

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Individuals and corporations have protective privacy rights along with ethical obligations. As guidance to laws vary continuously in different countries, corporations are wise to engage the services of privacy experts with updated training that are equipped to deliver custom solutions efficiently. The experts at M-CAT Enterprises will help you define critical PII elements, develop privacy policies, implement privacy practices, assist you deploy security breach notices, deploy up-to-date website privacy notifications and train your staff to handle all aspects of privacy.

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Expert Consulting / Testimony

M-CAT Enterprises hires highly-trained and certified staff to assist you figure out the best outcome to your particular situation. Acting as truth-seeking investigators, as guides advising you in a consulting role or, as expert witnesses testifying in Court, M-CAT employees offer a vast array of skills and certifications ensuring faster resolution and offering deterrence through training as well as new, or refined processes.
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Led by award-winning business executive Anyck Turgeon, M-CAT Enterprises delivers innovative solutions addressing your fraud, technology, security, compliance, risk and privacy needs.

Critical for you and your business.

M-CAT offers the most comprehensive and advanced security solutions and services designed to help protect your assets, prevent losses and ensure exponential growth.

Complete. Professional. Supportive. Practical.

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  • Fraud Prevention/Detection/Resolution – Research & Training
  • IT Security & Fraud Architecture Services
  • Corporate Performance Assessment
  • Turnaround Growth Plan
  • Strategic Growth Development Plan
  • GRC Assessment & Reports
  • Notarized Documentation
  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate & Product Marketing
  • Privacy Risk Assessment
  • Crisis Management

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The Facts

Organizations lose 5% of revenue to fraud and abuse each year.

1 in 3 persons is exposed to fraud each year.

Total global loss is estimated at more than $3.75 trillion in un-recovered stolen assets.

1 in 5 cases of occupational fraud cause losses exceeding $1 million.

Less than 5% of fraud cases end up in court.

96% of prosecuted cyber breach cases result in US criminal convictions.

20.9 million persons were victims of human trafficking in 2013. With the largest percentile growth over other crimes (as more profitable and less dependent on skilled resources), pimps earn an average of $67,200 per trafficked girl. The overall threat of human trafficking (which include child sex, child sex tourism, sex trafficking, child soldiers, domestic servants, debt bondage, bonded labor and forced labor) is rising as a mean for financial growth to terrorist groups like Boko Haram and ISIS (supporting narcotic drugs, firearms/weapons trafficking & money laundering). The overall threat is estimated at $32 billion per year.

Yet, for the very few prosecuted criminal cases, 90% end up in “guilty” convictions by jury verdict.

A corporation convicted of a felony is required to serve probation between 1 and 5 years whereas its CEO and CFO are most likely to have to serve jail terms, lose their jobs and pay hefty penalties.

80% of standard criminals are repeat offenders whereas 93% of fraudsters will commit white collar crimes again.

78% of white collar criminals are first-time offenders.

For white collar crimes, 1/5 of anti-trust violators receive time and draw the shortest sentence, 67% of securities fraud criminals will do time whereas 59% of tax fraud and 55% of mail fraud perpetrators get jail sentences.

62% of consumers say they would be “not at all likely” to do business again with a company known to have shared their personally identifiable information with a data broker

37% report that they’ve abandoned a transaction online due to something they didn’t like in the terms of service

2.8 million patients worldwide used home-based remote monitoring services in 2012 and home patient monitoring systems expects to grow about 27 percent between 2011 and 2017 – resulting over the next 25 years in $200 billion in the U.S. in savings by managing online chronic diseases. The #1 reported concern of these patients is the privacy and security of their information.

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