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Executive Management

Fact-based corporate evaluations and matrix-based performance assessments help business leaders make rapid corrections and render more accurate decisions ensuring growth.

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Fraud Management

One in three persons is exposed to fraud each year. From corporate and governmental fraud to consumer and healthcare fraud, M-CAT Enterprises offers unique solutions that prevent, detect and resolve your fraud challenges.

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Security 360 & Privacy

As global challenges involving natural disasters, violence and the economy have continually increased in frequency and intensity, let the security and privacy experts at M-CAT assist you with your IT, physical and chemical security issues.

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As new regulations are continually introduced, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance requirements are modern realities with a need for independent certified experts. Let M-CAT Enterprises help you focus on your core business while we ensure your long-term growth.

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Led by award-winning business executive Anyck Turgeon, M-CAT Enterprises delivers innovative solutions addressing your fraud, technology, security, compliance, risk and privacy needs.

Critical for you and your business.

M-CAT offers the most comprehensive and advanced security solutions and services designed to help protect your assets, prevent losses and ensure exponential growth.

Complete. Professional. Supportive. Practical.

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  • Fraud Prevention/Detection/Resolution – Research & Training
  • IT Security & Fraud Architecture Services
  • Corporate Performance Assessment
  • Turnaround Growth Plan
  • Strategic Growth Development Plan
  • GRC Assessment & Reports
  • Notarized Documentation
  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate & Product Marketing
  • Privacy Risk Assessment
  • Crisis Management

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The Facts

1 in 3 persons is exposed to fraud each year.

Organizations lose 5% of revenue to fraud and abuse each year.

Total global loss is estimated at more than $3.75 trillion in un-recovered stolen assets.

1 in 5 cases of occupational fraud cause losses exceeding $1 million.

Less than 5% of fraud cases end up in court.

Yet, for the very few prosecuted criminal cases, 90% end up in “guilty” convictions by jury verdict.

A corporation convicted of a felony is required to serve probation between 1 and 5 years whereas its CEO and CFO are most likely to have to serve jail terms, lose their jobs and pay hefty penalties.

80% of standard criminals are repeat offenders whereas 93% of fraudsters will commit white collar crimes again.

78% of white collar criminals are first-time offenders.

For white collar crimes, 1/5 of anti-trust violators receive time and draw the shortest sentence, 67% of securities fraud criminals will do time whereas 59% of tax fraud and 55% of mail fraud perpetrators get jail sentences.

62% of consumers say they would be “not at all likely” to do business again with a company known to have shared their personally identifiable information with a data broker

37% report that they’ve abandoned a transaction online due to something they didn’t like in the terms of service

2.8 million patients worldwide used home-based remote monitoring services in 2012 and home patient monitoring systems expects to grow about 27 percent between 2011 and 2017 – resulting over the next 25 years in $200 billion in the U.S. in savings by managing online chronic diseases. The #1 reported concern of these patients is the privacy and security of their information.