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Anyck Turgeon

Anyck Turgeon

Anyck Turgeon

Anyck Turgeon

Anyck Turgeon


M-CAT Enterprises, LLC

M-CAT Enterprises is a private provider of global security, fraud and enterprise growth management solutions based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2007, we specialize in delivering a unique combination of leading-edge products and professional services to  high-wealth individuals, targeted public personalities (like TV reporters, celebrities, top-tier athletes and other professionals), corporate executives, governmental decision-makers, investors, board members, law firms, accountants, auditors, private investigators and defrauded consumers. For more information, visit www.mcatenterprises.com.

Founded in 2007, we offer a vast array of solutions grouped in 4 categories: corporate growth management, fraud prevention/deterrence/resolution, governance/risk management and compliance as well as security360 & privacy.  Our offerings include corporate performance reviews, fraud prevention/detection/resolution, governance/risk /compliance reviews, privacy assessments.  For more details about our solutions, please visit: http://mcatenterprises.com/buy/listofsolutions/.

M-CAT Enterprises’ team members strive to offer the most effective and practical solutions to complex issues. Each senior team member has extensive continuing education, hands-on operational experience, and highly sought-after industry recognition in addition to in-depth end-to-end security knowledge (which includes chemical safety, physical security, IT management/security/privacy, governance/risk/compliance(GRC), fraud management and advanced analytics).

This unique combination of experience and sets of expertise helps ensure that M-CAT Enterprises findings, conclusions and recommendations are both practical and backed by rigorous, complete analyses and evidence.

For a complete list of our product and services, please visit: http://mcatenterprises.com/buy/#prodlist.


The M-CAT Enterprises team members bring a vast array of experience and cutting-edge skills to every engagement. This unmatched breadth of expertise allows us to offer robust, trailblazing and highly-coveted solutions tailored to every client’s need.

Each senior team member has an average of 20 years experience and holds professional certifications such as:

  • CFE – Certified Fraud Examiner
  • GRCP – Governance/Risk/Compliance Professional
  • C:CISO – E-Council Certified Information Security Officer

Many of the firm’s professionals have obtained advanced degrees, served in governing bodies and have served as executive managers in private companies.


M-CAT Enterprises is dedicated to providing results-delivering solutions and supporting communities in which we participate. Most importantly, we strive to earn and maintain the trust of our clients by providing unparalleled value-based solutions that meet your needs and ensure your growth.