2013/10/15 – M-CAT Enterprises wins “New Company of the Year” and CEO Anyck Turgeon receives coveted “Information Technology Executive of the Year” International Business Awards

2013/08/01 – The Center For Strategic Business Integrity grants Anyck Marie-Claire Turgeon CBA the professional designation of Certified Board AdvisorTM

2013/07/29 – M-CAT Enterprises’ CEO Anyck Turgeon Nominated for Austin Business Journal’s 2013 Profiles In Power & Women of Influence Awards

2013/07/08 – M-CAT Enterprises (M-CAT), Agence Anti-Fraude Et Sécurité, Fait Figure De Leader Grâce À Anyck Turgeon, Première Femme Scientifique En Données Au Monde Certifiée Par Bill Inmon

2013/06/17 – M-CAT Enterprises’ CEO Anyck Turgeon Recognized as Featured CFE of the Quarter by World’s Largest Organization of Anti-Fraud Professionals

2013/06/06 – Big Data News: Texas-based Fraud and Security Firm M-CAT Enterprises Leads the Way with First Inmon-Certified Female Data Scientist Anyck Turgeon

2013/05/29 - Tech Innovation Network Recognizes Father of Data Warehousing, Textual Data Analytics And Of Data Scientists Bill Inmon With Lifetime Achievement Award

2013/05/20 – West Fertilizer Storage Facility Explosion Exposes Alarming Trend in U.S. Chemical Safety and Security / M-CAT’s CEO Anyck Turgeon Attests to 400% Trend Increase In U.S.-Based Chemical Incidents Since 2010
2013/05/08 - M-CAT Enterprises CEO Anyck Turgeon Selected to door64’s Advisory Council

Anyck Turgeon

Global Security Expert Anyck Turgeon

2013/04/24 – M-CAT Enterprises Launches Business Management and Security Services


2013/10/15 – YOUTUBE VIDEO: M-CAT CEO Anyck Turgeon discusses continued career and business growth as seven-time recipient of the Stevie awards at 2013 IBA in Barcelona, Spain.

2013/10/15 – YOUTUBE VIDEO: Anyck Turgeon accepts 2013 New Company of the Year and IT Executive of the Year IBA awards.

2013/06/19 – People on the Move in Dallas, TX

2013/06/19 – People on the Move in Austin, TX

2013/06/17 – People on the Move in Jacksonville, FL

2013/06/17 – People on the Move in Memphis, TN

2013/06/15 – People on the Move in Triad, NC

2013/06/14 – People on the Move in St-Louis, MI

2013/06/09 – People on the Move in Austin. TX

2013/06/01 – M-CAT CEO Anyck Turgeon’s Featured Interview in ACFE Q2 Resource Guide

2013/05/12 – People on the Move in Austin, Texas

2013/05/10 – People on the Move in Dallas, Texas

2013/04/23 – West Fertilizer Plant Explosion Raises Chemical Safety Issues – Interview with Anyck Turgeon, M-CAT CEO & Firestorm Expert Council Member


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2013/08/05 – 10 Sites Web D’Outils Utilisés Par Les Fraudeurs Pour Vous Voler

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2012/03/29 – SINET, a Powerful Collaborative Platform Fighting 2012: The Year of the Cyber-Pandemic

2011/11/23 – Dupont Demonstrates Plan Testing Payoff after Aniline Leak

2011/10/28 – 26 Safety Practices That Can Be Easily Implemented In Nearly All Chemical Plant Facilities | Insurance Thought Leadership

2011/10/28 – Operational Safety: U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA cites Tenneco Automotive with $90,000 in fines

2011/10/7 – Texas Chemical Plant Explosion and Fire – Preaction Plan Needed

2011/9/22 – 8 Tips for Fire Risk Preparedness


From time to time, industry or trade publications may feature news reports regarding solution offerings associated with M-CAT Enterprises and its founder Anyck Turgeon. Links to some of these news reports are provided on this page. This list is not considered comprehensive of all news reports and the news reports themselves may not accurately or fully reflect management views of M-CAT Enterprises. Furthermore, M-CAT Enterprises is not responsible for any inaccurate information that may be contained in these news reports. For detailed information about any products, solutions, technologies, or services, please directly contact M-CAT Enterprises.
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