Purchasing Policies

Payment Policies


    • Free initial consultation… always.
    • Retainer policy: M-CAT Enterprises accepts cases and projects on a retainer basis only. Hours and expenses are charged off against the retainer. When the retainer is exhausted, we reserve the right to request additional funds prior to additional work.
    • Payment policy:  Payment may be made by credit card or debit card through PayPal or Google Checkout. We gladly accept certified checks or money orders, which can be mailed to us. We accept all funds wired through Western Union including credit card and ATM payments.
    • Engagement policy: All clients may be required to return a signed a letter of engagement or engagement contract.
    • Stop work policy: M-CAT Enterprises reserves the right to stop work at any time — at our sole discretion. We will discontinue work if we believe it may be used in any illegal or harmful activity. We may discontinue work if any promised payment is not made in a timely manner,  if the parameters of the assignment are not as they were described by the client, or if the client has misrepresented any material fact concerning the assignment. Any of these assessments will be made at our sole discretion. Any prepaid unused funds will be returned within three business days of a work stoppage initiated by M-CAT Enterprises, if the payment has been confirmed. Otherwise, the refund will be made within three business days of the payment confirmation. Refunds will be made by check or directly to your credit card account, depending on how you initially paid.
    • Missing persons policy: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Unless you are an attorney, LEO or a licensed PI, personal contact information about missing persons or others that you ask us to locate will not be released until that person has been notified (this provision does not apply to the service of legal process). If the subject requests their contact information not be released, that request will be honored and you will still have to pay for M-CAT’s services. In these cases, M-CAT Enterprises will serve as an intermediary on your behalf, if you wish. Private, personal information we identify during the course of a review such as birth dates and medical information will not be released.

By making any payment to M-CAT Enterprises, you agree that you have read these policies and agree to them.
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