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2015/12/03 –Ranum Q&A: The data behind cyberfraud with Anyck Turgeon

2015/7/20 – FREE ARTICLE: What Data Can Hackers Steal About You From Your Car?

2015/7/14 – VIDEO: Top 5 Reasons Why Cyber-Security Failed and Will Collapse

2015/7/10 – FREE ARTICLE: Top 5 Reasons Why Cyber-Security Failed and Will Collapse

2015/7/8 – FREE ARTICLE: Top 6 Technological Approaches to Cyber-Security Analytics

2015/7/8 – FREE ARTICLE: Top 5 Characteristics of Cyber-Security Analytics

2015/5/22 – FREE REPORT: Top 10 Actions Cyber-Bullying Victims Must Take Before Contacting Law Enforcement

2014/12/16 – FREE REPORT: How to Increase Your Corporate Bottom Line by 5 Percent with CFMLOs

2014/12/16 – FREE GLOSSARY: Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Acronyms

2014/09/09 – FREE ARTICLE: You’re a Fraud Victim. Top 5 Tips and 3 Free Resources You Should Use First To Resolve, Deter and Prevent Fraud

2014/09/03 – FREE REPORT: Understanding Cyber-Fraud via the Deep and Dark Webs

2014/07/21 – FREE REPORT: Top 5 Predictions in Cyber-Security, Cyber-Fraud and Cyber Wars
2014/06/27 – FREE REPORT: A Taxpayer’s Guide to Avoid Fraud: Top 10 Tips to Avoid Being Swindled by Tax Resolution Firms pdf
2014/01/01 – FREE REPORT : Top 10 Anti-Fraud Tips & Resolutions for 2014 pdf
2013/08/05 – FREE REPORT:  Sites Web D’Outils Utilisés Par Les Fraudeurs Pour Vous Voler pdf
2013/07/12 – FREE REPORT: Top 10 Online Tools Organized Fraudsters Use to Steal From You pdf
2013/05/10 – FREE ARTICLE: Top 10 Ways to Prevent Chemical Plant and Storage Facilities Explosions pdf

2012/03/29 – FREE REVIEW: SINET, a Powerful Collaborative Platform Fighting 2012: The Year of the Cyber-Pandemic

2011/11/23 – FREE ARTICLE: Dupont Demonstrates Plan Testing Payoff after Aniline Leak

2011/10/28 – FREE ARTICLE: 26 Safety Practices That Can Be Easily Implemented In Nearly All Chemical Plant Facilities | Insurance Thought Leadership

2011/10/28 – FREE ARTICLE: Operational Safety: U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA cites Tenneco Automotive with $90,000 in fines

2011/10/7 – FREE ARTICLE: Texas Chemical Plant Explosion and Fire – Preaction Plan Needed

2011/9/22 – FREE ARTICLE: 8 Tips for Fire Risk Preparedness


Time to Plan Post-Breach

Time to Plan Post-Breach

How is Your Stolen Data Used?

How is Your Stolen Data Used?

Cyber-Fraud Via The Deep Web

Cyber-Fraud Via The Deep Web

10 Online Tools Fraudsters Use

10 Online Tools Fraudsters Use

Rodrigo Rato:  Madoff of Spain?

Rodrigo Rato: Madoff of Spain?


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About M-CAT Enterprises Success Story

M-CAT Enterprises – Corporate Introduction

Summary of M-CAT Enterprises’ Solutions

Assessing and Protecting Your Data

Understanding The Fuller Threats to Your Personal and Corporate Data

IoT Security

You Focus on Your Growth. We Solve Your Cyber-Security & Fraud Challenges

Why M-CAT Enterprises?

Working Together Through the Law Firm of Your Choice

Direct Engagement for Rapid, Confidential and cost-Efficient Resolution

How we Work Together

The Sizzling Magic of M-CAT Enterprises

M-CAT Enterprises’ Services Overview

How M-CAT Enterprises Can Increase the Profitability of your Legal Practice

Introducing the Cyber Warriors of M-CAT Enterprises

Breaking News: Top 5 Reasons Why Cyber Failed and Will Collapse

Breaking News: World News Recognizes Anyck Turgeon For Winning Over Curious Cases of Fraud

Educational Video: Why 1 in 3 Persons is Affected by Fraud

Educational Video: Why Hire M-CAT Enterprises?

Educational Video: Free Cyber-Security Predictions Report for Fraud Victims

M-CAT Enterprises: Google Search Results for Fraud & Cyber-Security Experts

Educational Video: Upon Fraud Suspicion

Educational Video: Top 5 Benefits of Collaboration between JDs and CFEs

Select Your Favorite Cyber-Warriors Upon “The Ultimate War”

Google Search Results: Best Experts in Fraud and Cyber-Security

Why do fraud victims need help?

Do you think you can overcome fraud on your own? 95% of fraud and money laundering victims never get their stolen assets back. Learn how M-CAT Enterprises and its CEO, Anyck Turgeon, can help and gain access to FREE report on cyber-security, cyber-fraud and cyber-wars from The Fraud Institute.

World News Recognizes M-CAT Enterprises CEO Anyck Turgeon For Winning Over Curious Cases Of Fraud

When you need help from proven professionals… Starting her career at the Ontario Securities Commission with the largest case of Canadian Securities Fraud, M-CAT Enterprises CEO, Anyck Turgeon, built a complete set of enterprises to help victims of fraud win over all types of fraud, recover all stolen assets and turnaround their challenges into lucrative opportunities.

Who Should Help Me?

I Just Got Defrauded!

Fraud victims are rarely able to recover stolen assets. Just like most of us can’t give ourselves root canals, one need a fraud professional to investigate suspicions, implement anti-fraud programs and ensure prompt fraud resolution (as well as recovery).  Most of us would also not seek the assistance of a doctor to fix our car. So,this video explains who you need to hire when you are defrauded.

Why hire M-CAT Enterprises?

When individuals and corporations are suspicious of crimes being committed against them, they either dismiss it as a cost of business until they can’t cope with the growing losses or hire unqualified personnel (like a costly lawyer to perform fraud investigation and manage their entire case). Learn why all of us need to hire the experts of M-CAT Enterprises to resolve, prevent and recover from fraud or money laundering challenges.

When Should You Hire A Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)?

Fraud examination is a relatively new field of expertise. Click below to learn when you should hire a CFE, what services they can deliver to you, and where to locate qualified professionals.


PBS Video: The Untouchables

FRONTLINE investigates why Wall Street’s leaders have escaped prosecution for FRAUD related to the sale of bad mortgages.

Fighting the Cyber Pandemic

by Anyck Turgeon

As $60 billion has been spent fighting cyber attacks and 431 million adults in 24 countries experienced the costly challenges of identity theft in 2011, click below to learn more from a full ecosystem of world-class cyber security experts gathered at the Security Innovation Network (SINET) to discuss “Democratizing Security Innovation.”


IT and the Business Costs Associated With Natural Disasters

As the IMF estimates that 2.6 billion people were affected by natural disasters over the last 10 years, click below to read more about the best preventative practices.


Texas Chemical Plant Explosion and Fire

As a chemical explosion has the potential to cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and result in significant health issues for, click below to learn more about the impact of blasts that could have ever-lasting consequences.


Data Protection: Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Failure to appreciate the full dimensions of data protection can lead to poor data protection management, costly resource allocation issues, and exposure to unnecessary risks. Click here to learn how Data Protection: Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance can help you gain a handle on the vital aspects of data protection.


8 Tips for Successful Fire Risk Preparedness

By Anyck Turgeon

Three years before historic wildfires in Texas, the state’s forest service came up with a $20.4 million plan to stop the flames from starting or tamp them out before small blazes grew deadly and destructive. Click below to learn how to learn how to take part in vital prevention.


Prevent, Respond and Fight Chemical Disasters

As hundreds of people of all nationalities are killed, injured and become terminally ill unnecessarily as a result of avoidable chemical accidents, click below to review a comprehensive resource guide that chemical plant operators can use to prevent and fight chemical disasters.


The Madoff Affair

In the depths of the financial crisis an insidious scheme was revealed, billions of dollars were involved, and some of the biggest names came to shame. How did everyone miss it? Why didn’t the regulators follow the trail of warning signs? People were blinded by reputation, and more importantly people were blinded by greed. This documentary, The Madoff Affair, offers a fascinating and detailed insight into the workings and story behind Madoff’s big scam.

On Dec. 11, 2008, Bernard L. Madoff confessed that his vaunted investment business was all “one big lie,” a Ponzi scheme colossal in volume and scope that cost investors $65 billion. Overnight, Madoff became the new poster child for Wall Street gall, greed and corruption.


The Smartest Guys in the Room

Energy markets around the globe are worth billions of dollars. Energy; oil, electricity, and gas are the things that drive modern economies. Energy powers the computers of the information age – it sent factories into life in the industrial age. In the financial age, it fueled a market that Enron quickly dominated.

This documentary offers an insight into the rise and fall of Enron, it takes a close look at the individuals that commanded the organization and who ultimately made the decisions that lead to its shameful demise. This documentary is often used as a case study in corporate ethics.

For anyone with an interest in finance and business, this documentary is an engaging, must-see piece of work.


Bigger Than Enron

This documentary provides an interesting look at the collapse of 89-year-old accounting & auditing firm Arthur Andersen. As this story has tended to remain in the shadow of the Enron collapse, this stands as another solid case study in ethics and corporate responsibility.



2014 Information Technology Executive of the Year at the IBA Awards in France

M-CAT CEO Anyck Turgeon discusses continued career and business growth as repeat awards recipient of the Stevie awards at 2014 IBA in Paris, France.

M-CAT CEO Anyck Turgeon accepts the 2013 New Company of the Year and IT Executive of the Year at the IBA awards in Spain

M-CAT CEO Anyck Turgeon discusses continued career and business growth as seven-time recipient of the Stevie awards at 2013 IBA in Barcelona, Spain.

Anyck Turgeon, CEO of CoreClean Group, is honored in the 2011 International Business Awards as Top Female Energy Executive in UAE

The 2011 (8th Annual) International Business Awards were conferred on October 11 at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. More than 700 executives from 26 nations attended the presentations.


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