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PBS Video: The Untouchables

FRONTLINE investigates why Wall Street’s leaders have escaped prosecution for FRAUD related to the sale of bad mortgages.

When Should You Hire A CFE?

Fraud examination is a relatively new field of expertise. Click below to learn when you should hire a CFE, what services they can deliver to you, and where to locate qualified professionals.


IT and the Business Costs Associated With Natural Disasters

As the IMF estimates that 2.6 billion people were affected by natural disasters over the last 10 years, click below to read more about the best preventative practices.


Texas Chemical Plant Explosion and Fire

As a chemical explosion has the potential to cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and result in significant health issues for, click below to learn more about the impact of blasts that could have ever-lasting consequences.


Data Protection: Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Failure to appreciate the full dimensions of data protection can lead to poor data protection management, costly resource allocation issues, and exposure to unnecessary risks. Click here to learn how Data Protection: Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance can help you gain a handle on the vital aspects of data protection.


8 Tips for Successful Fire Risk Preparedness

By Anyck Turgeon

Three years before historic wildfires in Texas, the state’s forest service came up with a $20.4 million plan to stop the flames from starting or tamp them out before small blazes grew deadly and destructive. Click below to learn how to learn how to take part in vital prevention.


Keep Up With Latest Technologies

Click below to listen to Anyck Turgeon’s interviews with CEOs, CIOs and other industry experts about the latest tech trends, legal developments and innovative solutions.


Prevent, Respond and Fight Chemical Disasters

As hundreds of people of all nationalities are killed, injured and become terminally ill unnecessarily as a result of avoidable chemical accidents, click below to review a comprehensive resource guide that chemical plant operators can use to prevent and fight chemical disasters.


Fighting the Cyber Pandemic

by Anyck Turgeon

As $60 billion has been spent fighting cyber attacks and 431 million adults in 24 countries experienced the costly challenges of identity theft in 2011, click below to learn more from a full ecosystem of world-class cyber security experts gathered at the Security Innovation Network (SINET) to discuss “Democratizing Security Innovation.”


Enjoy our Top 10 Fraud-Related Documentaries:

The Madoff Affair

In the depths of the financial crisis an insidious scheme was revealed, billions of dollars were involved, and some of the biggest names came to shame. How did everyone miss it? Why didn’t the regulators follow the trail of warning signs? People were blinded by reputation, and more importantly people were blinded by greed. This documentary, The Madoff Affair, offers a fascinating and detailed insight into the workings and story behind Madoff’s big scam.

On Dec. 11, 2008, Bernard L. Madoff confessed that his vaunted investment business was all “one big lie,” a Ponzi scheme colossal in volume and scope that cost investors $65 billion. Overnight, Madoff became the new poster child for Wall Street gall, greed and corruption.


The Smartest Guys in the Room

Energy markets around the globe are worth billions of dollars. Energy; oil, electricity, and gas are the things that drive modern economies. Energy powers the computers of the information age – it sent factories into life in the industrial age. In the financial age, it fueled a market that Enron quickly dominated.

This documentary offers an insight into the rise and fall of Enron, it takes a close look at the individuals that commanded the organization and who ultimately made the decisions that lead to its shameful demise. This documentary is often used as a case study in corporate ethics.

For anyone with an interest in finance and business, this documentary is an engaging, must-see piece of work.


Bigger Than Enron

This documentary provides an interesting look at the collapse of 89-year-old accounting & auditing firm Arthur Andersen. As this story has tended to remain in the shadow of the Enron collapse, this stands as another solid case study in ethics and corporate responsibility.


Masterminds – Crazy Eddie

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, New York-based Crazy Eddie stores became synonymous with great deals on televisions and stereos. But his success was a massive scam, built on inventory and insurance fraud, fake claims and phony numbers. When his fraud finally collapsed, he fled to Israel and lived like a king before police could arrest him. His weakness for beautiful women led to his arrest by a stunning Israeli undercover agent two years later. Antar served eight years in prison and paid many millions in restitution.


American Greed – Hedge Fund Manager

Samuel Israel was a big money hedge fund manager desperate to succeed. He lived through the most decadent era in human history, and his hunger for fame and fortune — his greed — ultimately led to a scam that bilked investors out of $300 million. This is the strange story of a con artist who eventually fell for the ultimate con himself!


American Greed – Hedge Fund Manager

The documentary titled “25 Million Pounds” is about a man called Nick Leeson and how his actions caused the failure of the venerable Barings Bank in the mid 1990′s. Nick Leeson lost £827 million ($1.3 billion) primarily by speculating on futures contracts.

This documentary serves as a great case study in risk management and modern financial institution operations, as Nick was certainly not the last rogue trader. Indeed, the term “rogue trader” was popularized in the movie of the same title about the Barings Bank collapse.


Frontline – Black Money

What is black money? There is a little saying “money is power” and for some individuals and corporations this is taken literally; with bribes, blackmail and other shady dealings going on between the private sector and the public sector. Essentially we are talking about corruption and graft; a sinister problem that creates deep inefficiencies and perverts due process and undermines democracy and fair rule. These days there is increasing scrutiny on corruption, and harsh new regulations to punish those who indulge in these practices.

As the global financial downturn continues and pressure for profits increases on corporations across the world, a small group of lawyers in the U.S. Justice Department is pursuing an aggressive crackdown against an international business tactic — bribery — which the World Bank says amounts to as much as a trillion dollars a year in payments.


Tricks of the Trade – Outsmarting Investment Fraud

This documentary from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) provides information and insights on how to avoid investment fraud. The documentary is particularly aimed at helping educate seniors, and apparently reduced the susceptibility to investment fraud by about 50% among a test group of seniors. Indeed, in an age where knowledge is power, and in a time where the baby boomers are starting to retire, it is more important than ever that people get educated and informed on the risks of investment fraud. So arm yourself with this knowledge, and make sure you pass it on.

Investment fraud does happen … and it can happen to you. “Tricks of the Trade: Outsmarting Investment Fraud” is an hour-long documentary on preventing investment fraud. Utilizing compelling stories of victims and perpetrators, the video uncovers the persuasion tactics that con artists use to defraud their victims and the basic tools investors can use to defend against fraud.


Fraud – Fake Passports, Bills, the Lifestyle of Fraudsters

If the fraud industry were its own country, it would have the fifth strongest economy in the world, just ahead of the UK. Come and meet the fraudsters who’re making a killing from the fastest growing crime on Earth. Fake passports, utility bills… No problem. Part 2 shows us how easy it is to make a fake passport, fake utility bills, and obtain £5,000 credit from a high street jewelers. In Part 3 we take a trip to ex-gangster Dave Courtney’s house, with Tony and two dancers who introduce us to the lifestyle and adoration a successful fraudster can expect.


Fraud – Drug Money – Fraud and Corruption in U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry

This documentary investigates fraud and corruption running through the veins of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. The U.S. healthcare industry is the world’s biggest, with $300 billion per year spent on prescription drugs. For many, these drugs have brought undeniable benefits. But recent months have seen health scandal after health scandal making headlines across the country.


West Fertilizer Plant Explosion Raises Chemical Safety Issues

Interview with Anyck Turgeon, Firestorm Expert Council Member
by Marchet Butler
On Wednesday, April 17, 2013, a fertilizer plant in the small town of West, Texas, was the site of a massive chemical explosion. The blast caused surrounding homes and businesses to be destroyed or damaged, not to mention the plant, which was leveled by the explosion.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Fires And Explosions at Chemical Facilities

M-CAT’s CEO Anyck Turgeon on Chemical Plant Safety: The explosion at West Fertilizer Company’s storage facility in West, Texas on April 17, 2013 resulted in the death of 15 local residents and hundreds of injuries. Within a few hours, entire buildings and houses were pulverized leaving victims with crumbs of their life’s possessions and little hope for the future. As this incident was easily preventable, one needs to question the state of our needs versus our production and the safety measures used. OUR DEPENDENCE ON FERTILIZERS: Without fertilizer, millions of people would not exist today. Since World War II, fertilizer use expanded exponentially until early 1980s after reaching a peak of 23.7 million nutrient tons. The United States is one of the major global producers of fertilizer and this portion of its economy is critical as it feeds people all over the world.