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Executive Management

Fact-based corporate evaluations and a weekly performance matrix conducted by M-CAT’s proven experts help business leaders render prioritized decisions ensuring tomorrow’s growth.

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Governance/Risk/Compliance (GRC)

As new regulations are continually introduced, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) are modern realities requiring certified experts. Let M-CAT Enterprises help you focus on your core business while we ensure your long-term compliance.

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Fraud Management

One in three persons is exposed to fraud each year. From corporate and governmental to consumer and healthcare fraud, M-CAT Enterprises offer preventative and supportive solutions to your challenges.

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Security 360 & Privacy

As we are overcoming an economic downturn, violence and natural disasters have also been rising in intensity and frequency. Whether you face physical, chemical or IT security challenges, consult with M-CAT Enterprises for integrated security services that specifically address your needs.
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Private Investigation

When you are suspicious of crimes or want to secure reliable evidence, M-CAT Enterprises can help you gather facts and provide you with the necessary information to resolve your challenges efficiently.

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