Fraud Management

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If you suspect fraud or have received information that alleges fraud has occurred, contact us first.  We will help you for free assess potential issues and discover your resolution options upon a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.  Once you have determined if a crime has been committed as well as potential damages, we can help you contact qualified legal counsel and notify the local authorities. Most importantly, we assist you review your insurance policy to fully understand the benefits of your coverage. You may not realize it, but your insurance may cover a portion of the loss-and in some cases, the cost to investigate and establish the loss amount.

From our side, we will perform an independent investigation, quantify the loss and professionally document the event. We will work with you (or your clients) to be a seamless member of your team and can assist you with the following.

  • Fraud Investigation
  • Net Worth Analysis
  • Fraud & BI Tools Analysis
  • Security & Fraud Consulting Services
  • Evidence Discovery, Analysis & Organization
  • Financial Statement Fraud Review
  • Pre-Employment Screening & Background Checks
  • Financial Statement Fraud Analysis (fraudulent disbursements, earnings mismanagement, concealed liabilities, timing differences, improper disclosures, theft of cash, payroll schemes, expense reimbursement schemes, bribes & kickbacks, etc.)
  • Business Valuation
  • Computer Investigations & Digital Forensics
  • Due Diligence Review
  • Litigation Preparation, Consultation & Notarized Court Exhibits
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Communications
  • Data Recovery
  • Case Preparation Consultation
  • On-Site Examination
  • Written Expert Report
  • Deposition or Courtroom Testimony


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